: There's nothing like finding a diamond in the rough.

09-21-08, 09:02 PM
So, as many of you know, I've got a soft spot for '70s era Lincolns, most specifically the 1972-76 Mark IV and 1977-79 Mark V. I like the Mark IV more, mainly due to the exterior design. Actually, come to think of it, the Mark IV is one of my five favorite cars of all time....W140, Mark IV, Aston Martin Lagonda, 1993-02 STS, etc etc. Anyways, I don't have much seat time with the Mark IV, it seems there are never any for sale in MN to test drive...well it's really very rare to see one here. I sat in one once, a triple white '72, at a car show when I was 18, in May of '05, but that was well over three years ago.

Aaaaanyways, I was at the junkyard today with Brian, searching through rows of Roger Smith era GM mediocrity, when I shot a glance through a row in the Ford section, and saw a big long gold hood, with a big chrome bumper on it. I knew it was from the '70s, but from the distance I was at, I had it pegged as a Grand Marquis or LTD...definitely not a Town Car or Continental, the grille wasn't tall enough to be a T/C or Connie. Well we took a walk down and saw it was a Mark IV....I was estatic! It was a putrid yellowish-goldish color (Maize yellow?, Gold Metallic?, Lime Gold?, Light Ginger?). Anyways, it was a very '70s color, the sort of shit they'd put on your Kenmore appliances for your contemporary home. It had honest to god white leather (that after 32 years was still soft and supple...those seats were to die for) and brown shag carpeting. I could live with the white leather and dark brown shag carpeting, but that yellow/gold must go.

It was so cool to sit in one of those again, (this was a 1975, I prefer the earlier ones for aesthetic reasons) and for a junkyard car, this was in pretty good shape...the body was free of rust and dents, it was just dirty, and the interior was in pretty damn good shape...it was just a shame I didn't have a use for any of those beautiful white seats...damnit. It was just like I remembered though....LONG hood (about 6'3", not including the bumper), raised fenders, low roof, somewhat snug cabin, less than amazing rear seat space (I think my friend's '02 Civic coupe has more rear seat legroom) but man, what a cool car.

I will own one of these sometime.
Just make it black. :)

09-21-08, 10:42 PM
And where the hell was your camera?


09-22-08, 03:38 AM
For the life of me Chad, I will never, ever understand this infatuation of yours with the Aston Martin Lagonda... it represented what was perhaps, the lowest point in the company's fabled history. :hmm:

09-22-08, 04:17 AM

09-22-08, 10:56 AM
Of course, I *usually* bring my camera on junkyard expeditions, the one time I don't I see one of my favorite cars of all time.

09-22-08, 01:01 PM
Hmm... Looks like you have to go back.

09-22-08, 10:42 PM
I know how you feel Chad, but I got to drive one. There was a guy down the street from me selling a Jubilee Edition Mark V with 36,000 original miles. White leather interior, 460 ci engine and a sunroof. And I got to drive the damn thing. :cloud9:

09-22-08, 10:49 PM
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1974-LINCOLN-MARK-IV-ONLY-34K-ORIGINAL-MILES-MINT-SHAPE_W0QQitemZ320300010322QQihZ011QQcategoryZ6305 QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1974-LINCOLN-MARK-IV-43K-MILES-LOADED-W-OPTIONS_W0QQitemZ160284502128QQihZ006QQcategoryZ63 05QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

They're both in STL -- get Jesda to go ck them out for you...

09-23-08, 10:25 AM
I know how you feel Chad, but I got to drive one. There was a guy down the street from me selling a Jubilee Edition Mark V with 36,000 original miles. White leather interior, 460 ci engine and a sunroof. And I got to drive the damn thing. :cloud9:

Ooh a DJ edition...was it the dark blue one or the gold one?

I drove a '79 Mark V the day I signed off on the purchase of the S320. It was only a 400 so it was slow, but damnit it was cool to drive.

09-23-08, 11:16 AM
Jubilee edition was light blue, not dark. The car I drove was a sky blue. Man that sucker had a big hood!

09-23-08, 11:23 AM
Yeah, you're right. The Diamond Jubilee was offered in a light blue and a gold. The Collector's Edition for 1979 was offered in a very dark blue. I love the hood on those things...they're well over six feet long, totally flat and I love how you see the fenders up over the hood.... :cloud9:

09-26-08, 12:04 AM
If ever you want one, they're all over the place out here. Funny you should want a black over white one. Our neighbor down the street had one when I was growing up. It was a 72, I think, black with a black quarter vinyl roof and white leather interior. I think it also had a sunroof, but I can't be sure. Then again, I was only 5 at the time.


09-26-08, 12:32 AM
I saw a baby blue (not sure what it is actually called) MK V at the local Wal-Mart a few months ago. Although I don't know much about them I could tell that sucker was mint!!