: Security System Draining Battery? (87 Brougham)

09-20-08, 02:07 PM
Hi guys. I haven't done much posting but a lot of browsing since I've registered, but I have a question:

I got a black 87 Brougham whose battery drains when its left sitting too long. I've found that the 'security system' light comes on when I push the door lock button, but it doesn't turn off after a few seconds (as the manual says it should). I've also found that when I start driving the doors don't automatically lock as they should, from experience with another Brougham.

Based on this info, would you say that the security system is the culprit? If so, could I fix it just by removing a fuse (I suspect not, as that would make it too easy for someone to disable when stealing your car). Should I just take it to a mechanic specializing in electrical?

Thanks guys.

Ps, here's a pic:


Old Fleetwood
09-24-08, 09:29 PM
You might want to go on line to find a SOLAR POWERED CHARGER which you plug into the cigarette lighter.
I got one a few years ago for my big Dodge B250 Van/Wagon which we only drove one or two days a week and which had parasitic losses from the security system.
Your Cadillac, and mine, have a helluva lot MORE in the way of parasitic losses and I've been using that little solar panel, sitting on the back package shelf, getting sunlight under the rear window, plugged into the cigarette lighter in the left rear door armrest, to keep the battery charged while we're having the garage rebuilt.
Meanwhile, my '95 Fleetwood is sitting in the backyard so the contractors can run their trucks all the way up into the driveway.
(My wife's car is in the "tee" section of the drive)
The solar charger is about 18 inches long by about 8 inches wide by about an inch thick with a line about ten feet long with the standard cigarette lighter plug on the end.
I think JCWhitney and a lot of other on-line places have them.
I can't even remember where I got this one, but it has made one helluva difference in the starting of the Cadillac when I moved it; from the very slow turning over of the starter when I had forgotten to plug in that charger to yesterday when it had been kept fresh WITH the charger and it kicked right over.
As I remember, the thing only puts out milliamps, just enough to combat the losses taken by the alarm system, clock or other stuff Cadillac packs into the car.

09-24-08, 11:00 PM
You might want to check your time delay sensor. My door locks dont work and the service manual said something about the time delay sensor under the dash. Its the sensor that detects when the doors close or when you put it in drive to lock the doors. I dont know if this is your problem but this is where my problem led to.