: Engine additives?

06-15-04, 10:56 PM
Every now and then I get some engine additives to try and keep my cars running good and strong. Over the years and all the cars I've had I've noticed that one does really work like it claims. That product is Restore. It's to make the cylinder walls almost like new. It has something in it that bonds to the scratchs on the walls and fills them in, restoring power across all cylinders. I was wondering if anyone else has used this product, or what products people have used that actually do what they claim?

06-15-04, 11:11 PM
Hmm, ive been skeptical about those produts.

Do you add it to the oil???

I like gas additives, BG44k is the best fuel injector cleaner on the market right now, no competition. If you want to equal BG go buy 4 bottles of TECHRON and that will = one can of BG44k!

06-15-04, 11:23 PM
WES!!!! Your alive!!!

06-15-04, 11:44 PM
I am alive, im trying to post here more lately.... I know I havent but i guess thats the way the cookie crumbles. Ive been trying to focus on helping the members in the other sections rather than whoring in the lounge like I normally did....

Im still trying to get back up to my 14.6 posts per day... Im at 12.3, UNACCEPTABLE!

06-16-04, 12:22 PM
Where can the BG44K be found? I've been trying to find a good fuel injector cleaner, but I don't trust what many of them claim. Yes the Restore is added to the oil. They have different size bottles for different engines, i.e. 4, 6, or 8 cylinder. Your suspose to add one bottle for engine type right away, then every time you change the oil. It doesn't clean the engine, it just bonds to the cylinder walls to restore cylinder compression and such. Should give it a try for a couple oil changes and see for your self. It takes about 500 miles to see the full effect of this product, so you should try it for your self and tell me what you think. I'm going to try out that BG44K, thanks for the suggestion.

06-16-04, 12:30 PM
You have to order BG44k.. Sometimes you can get it on ebay... There are places online you can get it..

You can get it from www.everythingnissan.com

I may try that restore stuff... I wonder what Bbob would have to say about it.....

c5 rv
06-16-04, 07:49 PM
I use Sta-Bil and Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas for my 4-cycle small engines. Often, these engines may sit for an extended time (Sta-Bil) and I've read in a number of forums that MMO is beneficial for small engines that have minimal upper-end lubrication.

06-16-04, 10:16 PM
FYI- MMO=seafoam

Its one of those all purpose petroleum products you add to your crank case, gas, or intake.....

Dead Sled
06-16-04, 10:37 PM
I use seafoam to lube up old engines that have been sitting a long time

thats about it Ive never needed adititives other than using Howes fuel treatment in the big truck. I keep my fluids clean and fresh

06-17-04, 11:04 PM
Thats the best method right there!!!!!!

Change your fluids enough so you dont have to use additives!