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09-19-08, 11:37 AM
Dan Neil, the Pulitzer-Prize winning auto critic of the Los Angeles Times, has a GLOWING review of the 2009 CTS-V in today's paper. Here's the link: CLICKY (http://www.latimes.com/classified/automotive/highway1/la-fi-neil19-2008sep19,0,1974271.story)

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BTW, he says the estimated price of the car is $65,000.


09-19-08, 11:43 AM
IBTL? I see the recent thread about MT's CTS-V test is locked and I wanted to comment. I think it's good to stay in touch with the V side, I browse that board occasionally. also note that the reason the 6-cylinder CTS is so heavy is that the chassis (re-)design was intended from the beginning to support the 550hp V drivetrain.
thanks to both posters for the article links.
(okay, In Before the Move.)

09-19-08, 12:29 PM
Well written, humorous article. I can't wait to get mine.


09-19-08, 02:18 PM
LA Times actually likes the new 09 CTS V
They actually seem to like this hopelessly "American" car!


DAN NEIL of all people!

The boys at Cadillac really gave it the full treatment here. Well done!!!
The Bob Lutz era may be short lived with this type of halo vehicle in these dire economic times,
but he'll go down in history as one who loved exciting powerful American made cars!

As a Lincoln guy I can only be highly jealous that GM could pull this off and the Lincoln engineers were summarily shut off from building their supercar.