: Detroit in 5... should've been 4

06-15-04, 04:04 PM
How embarassing for those poor Laker's. Detroit is going to finish it up in just a bit! and everybody said that detroit was "too sloppy". They play team ball and that's obviously the only way to win the big games. Lakers are too big for their Yelllow and purple shorts. Somebody should send a thank you letter to Detroit for not sweeping them in 4. If they'da fouled shaq before 2 mins on the clock, and let him miss his freethrows, there's no way Kobe would've had an opportunity to shoot that spectacular shot. Oops, did I step on anybody's toes?? :lildevil: :hide: :bouncy: :banana:

If the Lakers loose (I mean when, but just for the inference... :) ) who will be left next year? Luke Walton and Derek Fisher?? Phil Jackson is gone, Kobe and Shaq dismantled, certainly not Gary Payton and Karl. whaddaya think?

06-15-04, 04:38 PM
The dynasty is over. And that's what they're gonna do tonight--DIE NASTY! :)

Jerry West is in Memphis. If Kobe doesn't go to jail, I expect to see him in a Grizzlies uni next year. Maybe Shaq.

06-15-04, 05:34 PM
Either way, Kobe will most likely be in a new uniform. Whether it will be a Grizzlies jersey or Jumpsuit Orange uniforum is the only question!

06-15-04, 05:56 PM
Well just be prepared for the HEAT to get it next year....Miami's waitin to explode.