: 80 coupe deville signal wiring

09-16-08, 08:52 PM
Hi there, i am having a heck of a time trying to figure out the signal wiring on my coupe deville. None of the signal lights work. 4 ways or anything. Can anybody provide me with a wiring diagram for the signals? i purchased the GM caddie manual, but it doesn't list the signal wiring.

09-17-08, 10:22 AM
Does the light come on and not flash? Or, does the light not come on at all?

09-17-08, 10:38 AM
the signal lights don't come on at all, actually nothing happens, no dash indicators, no lights, no nothing. I just replaced the steering colum, so i'm not sure if i wired that up wrong or not. I don't think so though.

09-17-08, 12:38 PM
Was everything working fine before the column swap?

09-17-08, 01:58 PM
no they didn't work then either.

09-17-08, 02:19 PM
Have you checked the fuses? Probably not the actual turn signal switch, since that was in the new column, and it still doesn't work. I'll check my manuals and see what I can find...

09-17-08, 02:54 PM
I appreciate that thanks. I will give the fuses a once over once i get to the car again. Like i said i have the GM caddie manual, but i guess it doesn't cover signals and the like.

09-18-08, 03:43 PM
First thought was a broken turn signal switch, but you say they did not work on the old column as well. As you know there is a multi wire connector as well as the ignition switch plug on the side of the column. The flat connector that kinda looks like a comb is the power wires for horns, turn signals and brake lights. I'd look closely at that connection for bent pins, broken wires. If the dash arrows dont light up, then theres no power getting to the turn signal switch.

09-19-08, 12:12 PM
Thanks, i will look into that, as far as i know all the wires were good when i hooked the coloumn back up.

09-20-08, 08:19 AM
It was just the fuse. Thanks for all the help!!

09-20-08, 12:19 PM
Great news. I'm glad it was simple! It's funny how we often spend time trying to solve problems when the solution is the simplest option. I've done it more than once...:crybaby: