: Pretty funny!!!

09-16-08, 12:06 AM
Pretty funny that I have posted TWO letters on here now, that describe my LEMON 2007 Cadillac Escalade and have asked for some help in directing me on what to do, I spelled out ALL the problems I have had and WOW, neither of my letters have been approved, there was NO bad language or anything like that, just the list of what all has been wrong with my Escalade..HOW COME IT ISNT POSTED HERE? WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE APPROVALS? I think its pretty funny that they wont post my letters. BUT thats ok, I hired and attorney Friday and he said he will be able to get my vehicle covered under the LEMON LAW since I am now on SEVEN pages of stuff that has been wrong with my vehicle. Cracks me up tho that my letters arent being posted?????:shhh:

09-16-08, 05:38 AM
actually had you taken 30 seconds to search you would have found them


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