: Anybody use Protection Plus or Protective Solutions in Mass?

09-15-08, 06:49 AM
I want to have the VentureShield put on the front of my CTS4 and these are the 2 local dealers that I have found.

Protection Plus quoted me 640.00 to do all leading edges of the car and they said they cannot do the HID headlights because it will melt.

Protective Solutions quoted me 595.00 plus 100.00 for the headlights and they say the headlights will be fine.

Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with either of these companies.


09-17-08, 04:55 PM
I had the local Boston venture shield installer put it on my brand new black 2008 Cadillac Escalade Platinum Edition. What a mistake!!!!!

The guy's name is Dave Diminico and he works out of Rockland Ma. I called him and had his company put venture shield on my 1 week old brand new 2008 Escalade Platinum Edition. Within 2 hours the covering was bubbling and peeling. I immediately texted Dave pics of the problem. Dave did not stand behind his work or his product and had the gall to accuse me of causing the problem. I asked him to explain the reasoning for me to ruin a $500.00 job I just had done on an $80K vehicle. Of course he couldn't think of a logical reason, but still denied doing anything wrong.

I told him that since he was not willing to stand behind his product or it's installation, I wanted the venture shield removed and he came to do that 2 days later.
When Dave finally looked at the job, he finally admitted that there were some "installation issues". Then when he removed the venture shield, it exposed all the deep razor cuts that were put into the paint of my brand new black car during the installation his company did.

Prior to the installation Dave had touted venture shield as being better than all the other competitor's products because the pieces were pre-cut and didn't need to be cut on the car. They probably figured I would never have the shield removed, and therefore would never see the damage they caused.

After removing the venture shield, Dave jumped in his car and took off as fast as he could. I called him on his cell phone several times as he was driving away, and he wouldn't answer. I even text messaged him once. I pleaded with him to come back and inspect the damage on my vehicle. Dave did not return and did not return any of my messages. Instead he had his father Tom call me an hour later to stick up for him. Tom Diminico told me to sue them because "at the most, they were looking at a small-claims court case".

I contacted the better business bureau, the state's Attorney General's office, and an attorney. I am going to sue them in court to hold them responsible for ruining my brand new vehicle.

I can't stress enough how terrible my experience with dealing with venture shield and Dave and Tom Diminico has been. In my experience, one would be very wise to stay clear of the Diminico's, their company, their products, and their "services". If anyone would like to see photos of the damage the Diminico's company did to my new car, PM me and I will send them to you via email.