: Hey everyone

06-15-04, 11:03 AM
Hi my name is Jericho and i just want to introduce myself, hope to learn alot more about Cadillacs from this forum. I am looking for a 1999 seville right now and hope to buy one soon.:)

06-15-04, 11:49 AM
Welcome KAMAK!

This is the place to learn about Cadillac. Many here have gobs of experience and know-how! The best advice I can give is do your homework and know what you are looking at before you buy, you'll be glad you did. Try the link I've included as a start and if you need more help, let me know (or post your question) its just that easy! Good luck Caddy hunting! Thanks for joing with us!

06-15-04, 01:09 PM
thanks for the warm welcome i usualy get the typical newbie bashing stuff on other forums.:)

06-15-04, 04:13 PM
We usually wait a week or two before we bash our newbie's. :histeric: :canttalk:

06-15-04, 11:14 PM
2 weeks, its 10 posts!! :D

Welcome to the forums, thanks for signing up :wave:

Keep us updated on what you decide to get.....

06-19-04, 03:16 AM
You should hear about what they did to me:crying: . I'll never be the same :drinker ,jokin. Have fun looking my dad just got a 1999 STS fully loaded all navy blue. It took a little while we had looked at a really nice '96 but it seems you never get the first car you look at. Anyways dont give up the right one will show up.