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Harry Yarnell
09-14-08, 11:17 AM
I recently purchased from my local salvage yard (convienent to shopping), a beautiful Polo green '96 Seville that was brought in as junk. I checked the oil dipstick to find it dry. Uh oh. Tried to start, but the starter locked. $600, and it's mine with keys and title.
A wrench on the crank bolt fails to turn the crank; probably locked up is the thought that's starting to become apparent.
Looking at the engine, I peer into the crack between the engine beauty cover and the power steering pump into the valley only to see what looks like a piece of a connecting rod. Can it be...?
To make a loong story short, I pull the intake, only to find the floor of the valley shattered, and PIECES of two connecting rods, wrist pins, and assorted chunks of aluminum hanging onto what remains of the valley!
Part of the crank is visible and blackened. I'll tear it down this winter just to see what other horrors are within and cart the aluminum off to the recycler. I'll save everything that's salvageable as spares.
Whomever owned this fine car, let it run out of oil and CONTINUED to drive it as it was making horrible death noises. PHILISTINES!
They are probably still bad mouthing Cadillac's name for allowing this to happen...:bighead:

09-14-08, 12:22 PM
UNBELIEVABLE! Doesn't sound like there is much that will be salvageable. You have your work cut out for you Harry.

09-14-08, 08:24 PM
Not sure what the rest of the condition of the car is, but you could buy a junkyard motor, timesert it, and put it in. Although you could definetly make more than 600 selling the parts off of it.

09-15-08, 02:07 PM
Very cool - pictures please!

09-15-08, 02:40 PM
Might have been a woman or teenage driver.

I once bought a 70 Chevelle with a blown engine. The kid got it handed down and hated it so he overrevved and blew the engine.