: XM Antenna

09-13-08, 08:17 AM
AT least thats what I think it is ... anyways - just bought an 06 STS - looks like the "shark fin" was sheared off in a car wash. XM still works but looks bad. Bought new mast from dealer. Pulled rear light fixture off but not very obvious how to get at anttenna base, any help or tricks of the trade appreciated. Dont want to do more damage than already done. The car is awesome.

Regards, DFF

BlackedouT STS
09-24-08, 02:52 AM
The mast should just screw into the base with two small screws. is the bottom of the mast triangular in shape?

09-24-08, 12:51 PM
You have to remove the sail panels and slightly lower the headliner to get to it.