: 1993 Fleetwood: Broken Tabs on Back-up Light

09-12-08, 04:29 PM
The tabs broke off the back-up light on my 1993 Fleetwood. The repair would work the same for many other projects.

I removed the light and cleaned the broken tabs. I then cut credit cards to fit into what was left of the old tabs with a large area extending beyond the tabs.


I attached the credit cards with duct tape. Then, JB Weld to the rescue. I placed a good amount of JB Weld on the back side of each tab. For reinforcement, I buried a 1/4" washer in the JB weld.


Twenty-four hours later I removed the tape and credit cards. I filed off the excess JB Weld with a rasp. I also used a wood chisel to flatten the face of each tab, but I doubt that it was necessary.


I drilled 3/16" holes in each tab and it bolted right back on with #8 sheet metal screws.

Good as new.

10-06-08, 08:46 PM
Congrats on fixing the tabs! That`s being really creative-----credit cards and JB weld-----fantastic!