: Just got offered Employee Pricing plus $6500 off and 0% financing.

06-14-04, 09:51 PM
Sucks that im only 16 w/ no job at the moment...and the parents arent in the market just yet....but Edmorse Cadillac Pines is being Qualified for some award from GM to be one of the top 5 dealers in the nation....and they have to meet a quota. To meet the quota they are mailing out letters to all their customers (me being one) and are giving prices that would be equal to what the manager would pay for a Caddy...sounds pretty nice...w/ the employee pricing rebates and 0% financing you could end up getting an 04' DTS for about $38,000 or maybe even less. Plus they are giving 2 years maintenence or 100 gal of gas or lojack......

So what do you guys think about that deal.....damn I wish I had the money. :want: ............anyone wanna buy my voucher???? :rolleyes:

06-15-04, 09:59 AM
I'd wait until they offered an Escalade for that price...But seriously, for your parents, would they actually go for that you think? Because, I'm sure you'd get to drive it then!

06-15-04, 04:04 PM
I wish they would go for it.....but a base Escalade can be had for just under $40,000.

06-17-04, 11:16 AM
Relax. You got a post card saying they're having a sale. BFD. That price for the Deville does seem good, but trust me, anyone could walk in off the street and get that price as easily as someone with a "voucher". Nobody is going to buy your voucher.

Car dealers send those things out so people will think they're getting a special deal. I'm sure they are trying to qualify for some high-volume certification, but that means they want to sell to EVERYONE, not just the people on their mailing list.

The bit about "employee pricing" is, I highly suspect, total BS. It's just a big discount. Also, good luck qualifying for 0% financing at age 16 (trust me... I wish *I* could qualify!)

06-18-04, 01:13 PM
I was just playin when I said "Anyone wanna buy my voucher". I know its a great price they are now actually selling at $31,999.