: Automobile mag says:Starting at less than 60K

09-10-08, 07:32 AM
FrgMstr has another thread where he posted the first link to the article, Automobile Magazine Review (http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/driven/0809_2009_cadillac_cts_v_review/index.html) where I found this quote:

It's also priced well above the standard CTS, starting at just under $60,000. But compared with the German rocket sedans, that's a bargain.

Which is the closest thing I've seen anywhere to a firm price statement.

I wanted to repost it in it's own thread because it didn't seem to be getting any attention in the other one and thought some people might find it interesting in it's own right.

09-10-08, 11:56 PM
Oh just wait for the dealers to be charging over MSRP for the first few months...

09-12-08, 11:13 AM
That's exactly why I ordered. Locked at MSRP or less. I really can't imagine someone just walking on the dealer lot and picking one up from inventory... When I was anxiously waiting to see the V2 at the Cleveland Auto Show, a Cadillac rep told me figure a $5-7K price bump from the '07 V1. My ballpark is $56-59K. A steal in my opinion.

09-12-08, 12:11 PM
From the other mags, it appears that the general consensous is starting under 60,000, and then add the options which will bring well up over 60,000

09-12-08, 01:17 PM
Yes, it seems that a add-on option package on most of these cars run from 5-10K pretty much fully loads them....
A fine thing for all. Mostly for wage earners like me. Someone turns on the lights in a dark room, I thank them.
The 2009 CTS-V is a fine example of American Steel, the Euro bunch need apply.
BTW, I vote no, I love Alaska.