: Hello from Florida.

06-14-04, 08:29 PM
First off I must say great forums!

I just bought a 2004 White Diamond CTS 3.6 Loaded with the Luxury Sport Package. I have put 18" Vogue Sonix wrapped in 245-45-ZR18 Falkens and tinted the windows.

I have owned 11 Cadillacs over the years and loved every single one. After my last Deville I went to a Ford Expedition and owned three of them ('98, '01 & '03.) I liked them but I figured it was time to go back to the smooth ride and quality of a Cadillac.

Well I just thought I'd introduce myself to everyone.


06-14-04, 08:44 PM
Where is Trinity in FL?

06-14-04, 09:14 PM
Welcome Everett!

Glad to have you as a new member! Your CTS sounds very, very nice! I love the vogue wheels (the sonics look great)! As you can imagine we have many members in the Sunshine state. You have owned a lot of caddy's, and have seen many of the changes over the years. What are some of your favorites? Thanks for signing up with us. Post a picture or two when you get a chance. Good luck.

Happy Flag Day!

06-14-04, 10:14 PM
Trinity is a large group of sub-divisions in New Port Richey. New Port Richey is just northwest of Tampa.

Thanks for the compliment on the CTS.

Yes, over my years cars have went through many, many, many changes. Back in my day, when I was a little boy you could go to the showroom and buy the nicest Chevy they had for $900. Moving on, my favorite Cadillac I have owned would have to be my CTS. Before the CTS, my favorites were my Deville's.

06-14-04, 10:37 PM
Welcome aboard, thanks for signing up :wave:

your CTS sounds ultra steller, Id like to see some pictures...

I hope you enjoy your CTS as much as your other cars, its certainly a nice one!

06-14-04, 11:55 PM
Thanks, I will post pictures as soon as I get back to FL, right now I am in NC visiting family.

Gene Massey
06-18-04, 07:00 AM
Welcome to the forums. The CTS sounds wonderful. Look forward to seeing the picture. My wife and I recently purchased our first Cadillac (2002 Deville) we were looking at both the Deville and a CTS and decided on the Deville. Thinking about possibly purchasing a CTS to go with the Deville.

06-19-04, 02:57 AM

Your CTS sounds really nice I like the white. You must not be having much fun visiting family if your surfin the internet, jokin.