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09-08-08, 10:53 PM
Recently, I had an intake backfire. The smoke that was under the hood was blue. I took the cover off, and found that it was a leaking FPR. I also replaced an injector that was leaking. I haven't seemed to find any cracks in the plastic intake parts under the cover.

I put everything back together and now when I crank the car, it runs rich. I'm getting black smoke and raw gas from the tail pipes.

I was thinking of starting with the ICM, because it had the same symptoms a few months ago from a failed ICM.

Another funny thing.....I'm not getting in DTC's :thepan:

The car is a 1994 Caddy SLS with the N*.

09-09-08, 08:34 AM
Raw gas in the exhaust is obviously a serious symptom of something very wrong in the fuel system......more than one bad injector, for starters......is the "new" one even working ??

If the car continues to run this way for even a short time the piston rings will fail due to the oil film being washed off the cylinder walls and the catalytic convertor will fail also.

09-09-08, 04:02 PM
Open it up and double check your work. Turn the key on to pressurize the fuel system, but DO NOT CRANK the engine. Look for leaks, especially at the FPR.

09-09-08, 10:14 PM
just touching the plastic fuel rail probably caused it to leak. The 93-94 fuel rails are made of the same material that was recalled on the 95-97 fuel rails because of leaks and fire hazard. The 93-94 was not recalled because it was not an external fire hazard. That doesn't mean it can't leak and hydrolock your engine with fuel. Sorry to say it has to come back apart!

09-11-08, 07:16 PM
I've been away for a moment, due to this insane load of course load here at school. I ordered another fuel rail. It's leaking around the injectors and around the fuel line.

I've got two questions?

The brass fitting does it fit inside the female end of the fuel rail that connects to the line? I

Do they make a metal fuel rail for the 94? I was quoted 424.00 for a new one, which is a little steep for a college student.

09-11-08, 07:17 PM
Oh yeah, you guys hit the nail right on the head to check for leaking fuel inside the intake.

09-11-08, 08:28 PM
Not sure if they make a metal rail for the '93/'94. You'll have to check around.