: Trade-in Value

09-08-08, 06:06 PM
I'm thinking about a new CTS and the dealer offered me $21,000.00 for a 2007 STS V-6 in excellent condition with 29,000 miles and the Luxury Performance package with a sunroof. I've checked Edmunds, NADA, and Kelly Blue Book and their trade in value ranged from $21,000.00 to $28,000.00. Does anyone have any idea what a reasonable trade-in praice would be?

09-08-08, 06:31 PM
Any dealer is trying to make money on any transaction they make....so they'll never offer the top of the trade in value (and 21-28K is a pretty wide range). They're naturally going to offer you the bottom of the range. Counter with the top of the range and stop when the deal makes sense to you......

09-09-08, 11:09 AM
I just bought a '05 STS w/7500 miles for 22K. Sunroof, nav.

09-09-08, 03:28 PM
If only I had known a year ago when I bought mine before gas prices shot up, i coulda gotten a much better deal now!