: Replaced Engine 99 STS a few electrical issues!!!

09-07-08, 11:16 PM
Ok, I give,......... I've tried to find my electrical issue for two days and am hoping the intelligent guys/gals on here can shed some info on the situation. Here's the issues I'm having and I'm convinced it's a bad ground/unhooked connection since all this stuff worked before the repair.

ABS code C1241 - Magnasteer steering circuit malfunction - giving me the service steering system message on the DIC

Right side turn signals not flashing even though it appears they are inside the car. All bulbs are good and the left side is working perfectly. The side light (the one to see the curb) but none of the right side bulbs illuminate.

Wipers not working - at all - on any speed, the same for the washer pump.

I'm getting the p0300 multiple misfire PCM code, but this may be from bad plugs since they need replaced or I could have a cam shaft off a link, but doubt that as it idles and runs good.

I checked all the ground straps, one under the airbox, one in the rear under the coolant crossover, one on the pass side near the front, one on the front of the transmission,....... I think that's all,...... am I missing any? Am i correct in stating that the only electrical connections that exist for the rear bottom of the engine/trans are one for the rack power steering assist solenoid and the one for the transmission (on the pass side above the cv axle)? You have the lead that goes to the o2 sensor, but I believe that's all that is connected on the rear of the engine when it's being re-installed.

Hopefully one of you can determine where my missing link is for all these components. Thanks in advanced.


09-08-08, 02:57 AM
Check the voltage on the fuses. If some are around 6v you have a bad ground. You'll have to refer to the manual to determine which ground...but you'll know which circuit it is!

09-08-08, 09:15 PM
Thanks for the insightful tip. I am showing only 6 volts across several circuits. Can any of you tell me where the ground strap is that grounds the fog lights and wiper motor as that should remedy all my issues. Thanks in advance, Mike.