: navigation disc and GPS Mounting

09-04-08, 08:46 PM
I am retro fitting a DVD navigation system out of a 05 deville into my 00 STS. I already got the plug n play conversion cable, but I can't figure out where to mount the GPS antenna. I can't find any holes underneath the dash pad that line up with the antenna so that I can mount the thing?

also, does anyone have any old Navi discs or have one that I could 'borrow' for a day...wink wink... as i dont have one and won't know if what i've done works until i get one

09-04-08, 08:52 PM
i forgot to mention that I have the GM factory service DVD that serves from 98-05 if anyone would want to trade that for a navi dvd

09-06-08, 01:20 PM
all been covered before many times
and dvd map discs are 20 bucks on ebay