: Tommy Trojan drives 2000 El Dawg ESC

Tommy Trojan
06-14-04, 03:08 PM
I'm the new owner of a 2000 Eldorado ESC (cashmere) with just over 15,000 miles on the odometer. I'm the third owner, having inherited it from my Father-in-law, who recently passed away. My ESC is in "about new" condition as the car as been garaged - it is shiny and gorgeous! To own the car, I had to buy out my Sister-in-law of her share at 1/2 a Car-Max quote of $15,500. That is, we used Car-Max to determine a "fair value" price.

My question for the group (and based on the car's repair history that I know about) is what do folks recommend about the GM extended warranty? My factory warranty runs out on September 14. I am not interested in a third party warranty.

Here's what is on the car's repair history that my local Cadillac dealer provided to me:

1. Previous owner replaced the power steering "unit" at 6,000 miles
2. Problems with the air conditioning on the passenger side at 11,000 miles
3. I (as owner) just replaced both the A & B crankshaft sensors and had the throttle body cleaned as the car was stalling first thing in the morning.
4. The driver's side door panel is loose. The dealer has not yet fixed it correctly. Will try a "super glue kit" option before they will replace the panel.

My "El Dawg" is now being run on Mobil 1, having been switched from Amsoil. I have changed the coolant and air filter as well.

I love the car, both how it looks and drives. Sometimes I wish it were a four-door, but I've got to admit the "low-slung" look is growing on me.

I'm more than a tad concerned about the potential for repairs on my El Dawg. As an owner of a Toyota Higlander, bought new in 2003 now with over 25,000 miles - I've experienced no defects, no repairs - no returns to the dealer, just several Mobil 1 oil changes. In comparison, it is distressing to see that my new Caddy has been in to the dealer for significant repairs at least four times within a four year period.

Previous to the Highlander, I owned a 97 Olds Aurora, a beautiful car that served me fairly well - over 135,000 miles in just over 5 years of ownership. That car was not trouble free either - requiring a trip to the dealer for a "significant" repair at least annually. By significant, I mean costing $750 per trip to the shop.

So, assuming I drive my new Caddy hard - alternating with my Highlander - and assuming I'll put about 50K miles over the next three years - is a GM extended warranty (priced at about $3K) worth it or should I bank the money and pay as I go? I know that a Cadillac is a completly different car than a Toyota SUV so I don't need advice in that regard!

My wife drives a 98 Olds Silouette that has been a darn good van - very reliable, so I know that GM can get it right - at least every so often.

Thanks and the Cadillac Forum is GREAT!

Tommy Trojan (my passion, besides my wife and kids, is USC Football!)

06-14-04, 06:27 PM
Welcome Tommy T!

Thanks for joining! Sounds like a nice Eldo! If it were me I'd go with the GM ext warranty. Some repairs could add up quick, like everything else its a gamble. I feel better knowing I am covered for repairs than worrying what the next repair is going to cost! Just my opinion. Good luck.

06-14-04, 09:17 PM
Yeah I'd slap on the warranty if you can, it'll be worth it when you blow your engine on all the dragging you're going to do ;) j/k.

06-14-04, 10:41 PM
Agreed with paul and raze

Sounds like you have a great caddy on your hands, and the CAS's have been changed, common on the later years.....

Welcome to the forums, thanks for stopping by.. We encourage "newbies" to post pictures of their rides.....

06-19-04, 03:22 AM

Get the warranty you never know, I hope your luck on the car turns around usually you dont have to many problems and actually when a car is matured everything that was goin to go wrong has gone wrong by then, hehe.

:welcome: :bouncy: