: Timesert kit needed

Fiero STS
06-14-04, 02:58 PM
I am in the proces of repairing / rebuilding a 97 STS engine. :burn: I am looking for a timesert kit to borrow or buy. I know new ones are 310.00 from Timesert. :shocked2: If I cannot borrow one or find a used one, then I guess I will bite the bullet and buy a new one.:(
Thanks for any info or help you guys can provide.

06-14-04, 08:01 PM
Can I assume that's you there Tim? :D I believe Phil, aka ShadowLvr400 may have the kit... I was thinking about using it back around the beginning of may, but picked up a complete engine instead... Anywho, I believe he was asking around $225 for it, or else somebody else has it now. I think it's pretty much a tool that floats around the forum...

06-14-04, 10:16 PM
have everything in the time kit except the serts, just finished my sts got it new what do you have in mind,located in east texas. sts96

Fiero STS
06-15-04, 08:25 AM
sts96 if you would like to sell your kit shoot me a price. If Borrowing is an option I would send you the shipping cost, use the kit and send it back to you and replace anything. Let me know. thanks Tim

Fiero STS
06-15-04, 08:51 AM
If Shadowlvr400 has the kit and is interested in selling it I would be intersted in buying it. I tried to PM him and sts96 but for some reason I am not allowed to PM people on this forum.

06-15-04, 09:00 AM
prefer sale , perhaps you can recover some of your cost after use, think 175.00 plu.s ups shipping is fair. my cost was 308.00 with 10 serts. sts96 jrsparks@peoplescom.net

Fiero STS
06-15-04, 10:18 AM
sts96 i shot you an E-mail.