: carberator question

09-04-08, 06:21 PM
ok I really hope this doesnt sound stupid in the way im going to explain it lol. You know the thing the pedal is connected to on the carb? The linkage. Well there is a what I believe to be the idle control that has a goldish plunger sticking out of it. Got me so far? lol WEll, I havent had a carb car for a long time , but I thought this plunger is what controls the idle and the linkage rests on this. Am I right? Because on mine, the linkage doesnt even come close. There is a screw that is stopping the linkage on the throttle body and the plunger isnt even close to touching. Is that right?

09-04-08, 09:39 PM
The unit you describe is the idle control to step up your idle when using the A/C unit. Running the compressor robs rpm's. The correct manner for setting this up is covered in your service manual.

09-05-08, 10:39 AM
I guess I need to finally break down and get a service manual lol. Should I pay the $$$ and get a factory one from EBAY or just pick up one from the local auto parts store?

09-05-08, 01:11 PM
Get it from someplace like EBAY or www.hemmingsmotornews.com If this is the 79, then this only extends to raise the idle with A/C on, so verify that. The factory manual assumes you know very little regarding car repair whereas the Chiltons and Haynes assume you know alot.

09-05-08, 01:41 PM
Thank you for the info. Is the plunger typically close to the throttle linkage? It looks like (on mine)even if it were extended, it wouldnt even come close to touching it. Its a good inch or two from it. Im thinking this is why I have such a problem with the idle on the car. In the morning, even after a 15 - 20 min drive, its racing badly to the point that when I shut her off, she putters for a good minute or so. But in the afternoon after sitting for many hours, she starts up and sounds like shes going to die. It gets even worse when I turn on the ac. When I get home, she doesnt putter at all. Any ideas? Im still having issues with a belt in the afternoon squeling. I think its coming from the smog pump but I cant be sure. I dont think its right to be able to spin the alternator and the water pump spins, but the belt connected to the smog pump just sits there. Not moving. I do have a 1979 425.

09-05-08, 03:36 PM
Again, which car is it?? I know you have a 79 but you also show 2 others.

09-05-08, 08:38 PM
This sounds like you have some other problems. Get a tach on it and find out how many rpms your getting when you first start it and what Rs its turning when when it's warmed up and puttering. These engines are notorious for vacuum leaks. As posted before in several other posts you have to check everything out to eliminate all vacuum leaks to ensure this engine is operating properly. Check your distributor centrifical advance as this sometimes freezes up and if your vacuum advance isn't operating properly, the engine may just die out when the temp. sensor allows vacuum to pass that point. There are a lot of vacuum motors to check and this is where the service manual will help immensely.
Check ebay and if you are dilligent, you may find a good price on a used one.

09-05-08, 10:07 PM
Did you do any work to it lately? I would check the timing and vacuum lines.

09-08-08, 03:19 PM
Its my 1979 cadillac that Im having these issues with. Ive had alot of work done to it lately, including tune up and carb adjustment. It looks like that last time I had problems, it was a vacuum leak. That was fixed, however, It just started to have a new problem so she's back in the shop. I was at a light, after about a 5-10 minute drive. Everything was going just fine until the car started to rev up, by herself. She started lunging forward, so I put it in neutral and started messing with the gas pedal to get her to kick down, but she just shut off and puttered for 3 mins. After that I couldnt get her to start or maintain being on, I let her sit for about 5 mins. When the light turned green, I started her up as quick as possible and she shuttered badly through the intersection. I got to the other side and parked her. I waited about 20 mins or so and called the mechanic, to let him know ill be bringing it back by. I got in the car and she started and drove fine! Damm intermitent problems. I may need a rebuild on this thing, but I will have them check all the vacuum lines. I hope to find a book soon so I can spend the time myself finding out these problems. Thanks for all the help guys. Ill keep you posted and any ideas you may have would be great!

09-09-08, 05:56 AM
It sounds like simple choke adjustment/malfunction to me. When it's "puttering" I would be curious if the choke is open or not. It's possible it could be an intermittant float or float needle sticking but that's pretty rare in my experience. If the float level gets too high it might spit fuel out the top vent. I only had one float stick in my life and that was 30 years ago after it was rebuilt by a mechanic. If you know any drag racers they could probably set up your carb in less than 5 minutes.