: Caddyblack99's birthday

06-14-04, 10:12 AM
Just looking to wish you a happy birthday. You were also the red carpet guy for me in thos forum so ......HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) . I see your getting closer to the top of the hill there (LOL) . Enjoy the day!!

06-14-04, 12:18 PM
Happy birthday, you pain in the ass you.

06-14-04, 12:58 PM
Thanks Reb!

Last night I made 3 wishes. 1 for health, 2 for happiness and 3 for more hair.
I woke this morning only to find none of my wishes were granted (bummer!)
That was because I have already been given the first two!

RB Thanks... I know you meant that in the most sincerest way!

Paul :coolgleam

06-14-04, 01:53 PM
I thought it said 'Caddyshacks Birthday' .. had to check my calender, nope.
Happy Birthday CaddyBlack

06-14-04, 02:18 PM
I thought it said it was his 99th birthday.

Happy day, old fart!

06-14-04, 02:27 PM
Well I guess Elvis and Caddyshack both need new glasses!

Sometimes I feel 99 but just 45 today.

Thanks guys

Elvis: farts right back to ya' man :farting: :elvis3:

06-14-04, 03:19 PM
Well I guess Elvis and Caddyshack both need new glasses!

No, I want a whole new suit for my birthday. I have a BIG one coming up.

06-14-04, 06:55 PM
at least when you are a gemini you always have someone to talk too,
at least that what my wife says

06-14-04, 09:21 PM
That's funny AirB... My wife and I are both gemini...so that means that there are four people :madtalkin :madtalkin :madtalkin :madtalkin talking all at once!

No wonder I can't get a work in edgwise!! :bonkers:

06-14-04, 10:31 PM
Happy Birthday Paul.....

Glad we could share in your birthday, I hope you had a good one..... Probabyl one of the people I respect more on this forum (besides elvis, he's the veteran)...

Funny, how my dad is 47 and he still isnt cool enough to drive a caddy, and he's got 2 years on you!! :D

Again happy birthday wishes, hope you had a good one, let us konw what you got.....!

06-15-04, 01:51 AM
Happy B. Day!! Are you Natty pic worthy Paul? :D

06-15-04, 08:00 AM
Thanks Wes and Ralph!

Ralph, we all look forward to be worthy of your beloved Natty! (anytime)! :lildevil:

Wes, I have a very creative family who like to give unusal gifts. They always say "what do you get a guy who has everything?" I have received some "beauties" over the years! :hmm:

I think the best gift I received this year was the graduation of my son from high school. He gave me a big hug and simply said, "thanks Dad". :thumbsup:

06-15-04, 11:53 AM
caddyblack99 off to college for this one?? If yes any direction for him?

Ironic I have one (girl) that graduates high school in 2 days. It will be a cherished day to say the least!! Off to college for this one. My biggest fear is she decides to become a professional student on Dad's dime. I really don't mind as long as she applies herself and pulls the grades, but I have a son who is only four years behind and anothee two each two years behind that one.....ugh . How the H*** am I gonna afford this?? I really don't want to see them get too many loans because who want to exit school with a whole bunch of debt to pay off especially with the job market the way it is. To boot I see that whole nuclear family returning except now it seems as parents move in with their kids.....weird!!

06-15-04, 10:34 PM
Its caddyblack's son!

06-16-04, 01:11 AM
OK Paul, since yer a cool Dude. ;)

It's ok Wes, Natty keeps me young. :D

06-16-04, 01:28 AM
I think the best gift I received this year was the graduation of my son from high school. He gave me a big hug and simply said, "thanks Dad". :thumbsup:
I Hear that...nothing like the kid saying thanks and meaning it. I am the same age started the kid thing a little later ..got one going into High school and one in grade 8. I hear that professional student worries ...only thing worse is not going :banghead: :banghead: ...Happy Birthday :D

06-16-04, 08:32 AM
Reb, thanks for the birthday wishes. It started a thread I had a lot of fun with all day!

As for my son, he is working at our church camp all summer (home on weekends). In the fall he is attending a local community college for his first two years and then he will transfer to the state teachers college. He wants to major in education and teach high school history!

We chose this cost effective route so he wouldn't be saddled with the financial burden the ivy leagues offer!

Thanks Again

Thanks Ralph, she is b...b...b...beautiful! You lucky dawg!