: 200-4r question

09-02-08, 01:22 AM
Friend has an 88 brougham with 70k on it. Car runs great and shifts fine except when you go to pass. It doesnt kick down. Is this cable operated or solenoid? Possible need adjustment? Any ideas appreciated.

DopeStar 156
09-02-08, 11:16 AM
It operates via a TV Cable which sounds like it's either disconnected or misadjusted. When I first bought my Fleetwood I had the same issue and found out my cable was disconnected........

09-02-08, 12:36 PM
It sounds like the cable is off, just like dopestar said. On my '88 though (remember is the FWD Fleetwood) it shifts into overdrive at 64 mph no matter what, even under full acceleration. I do not know what the shift points are on the RWD ones but you might be in a similar situation as me. I would look for the cable first though. It should be connected to the throttle body. We had this problem in my friend's '87 IROC, so I know how scary it is when you go to pass someone and the damn car doesn't down shift and you are stuck in the wrong lane.

09-02-08, 05:28 PM
Yep, it's the TV cable. This webpage will help:

Throttle Valve Cable system 101 (http://www.tvmadeez.com/article/index.php)

09-04-08, 10:49 AM
Thanks much for the info and link. TV cable was indeed misadjusted. Followed the procedures in Jays link and tranny kicks into passing gear just fine. Actually it shifts all around much smoother, all gears. Didnt seem like it adjusted that much but what a difference. Thanks all.

09-04-08, 04:27 PM
Group hug time:highfive:

It's funny... the first time I did a TV cable was on my cousin's car. I had driven it, and noticed that it didn't downshift on throttle application. She never noticed, because it was like that when she bought it. I told her to let me work on it, and it took me about thirty seconds to fix it. I told her to take it for a drive up to about 30mph, then hammer the gas to the floor. When she got back she had wide eyes and said it was like I installed a new engine. lol...