: Almost ready to go

09-01-08, 08:00 PM
Next weekend will be the test. I have completed the HG replacement on my N* and managed to get the beast mounted back in the car today - thanks to the help of my friend BLUE_ELDO. Bob came by today about 10 and by 1 we had the engine/cradle bolted back in the car. I got a few things hooked back up and decided it was time for a beer! - Take a break finish it next weekend, thank god I have other vehicles.

I figured out that I had HG issues back in February and parked the car until I could get to it. I dropped the engine just before Memorial Day weekend and imagine I got it back in the car Labor Day weekend.

Thanks for all the help from everyone on the forum - like many others have said, I would not have even attempted this if not for the forum. I need to become a supporting member!

09-03-08, 01:31 PM
Let us know once you get her fired up

09-03-08, 10:21 PM
Will do Richard! I am really getting excited, it has been sooooo long since I have driven it, it will be like driving a new car again.

Unfortunately, based on the latest weather forecast it looks like I might be delayed yet again - appears as though we are in for rain starting Friday and lasting through the weekend.

Guess we'll just have to see what happens!