: 92 Brougham Fuel Injectors - no power

08-31-08, 05:54 PM
Ive got an electrical problem that I cant trace down.

Ive got a 92 Brougham, that is not getting power to the fuel injectors.
Car runs using starting fluid, I can manual jump the injectors (6v) and see that the fuel system is working, all filters, fuel pump, are fine. I was messing around with the electrical and suspect I may have shorted something to make it stop working. Ive checked all fuses and relays and am at wits end trying to track this down and the Hayes manual is useless for electrical diagrams. Putting the computer in diagnostics mode throws a code 12.

Does anyone know what exactly powers the injectors, do they come strait from the ECU, do they pass through relays or fuses between?

If anyone has a detailed wiring diagram of the fuel injector system, please help!

FYI: its a limo, with diamond plate, roof racks, and brand new custom interior.

I cant post a direct link (first post) but theres some awesome pictures of it on flickr com /photos/divide