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08-31-08, 03:41 PM
I have just purchased a 96 SLS and would like to remove the non-Bose radio/cassette and replace with a factory CD/Radio/Cassette. I cannot seem to find one that is non-Bose. Is there such a thing? I really don't care about the "supreme" quality of aftermarket systems - just want to listen to a CD now and again.

Also, is there another year/model that will interchange into my car?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

09-01-08, 07:27 PM
is it an option to get an aftermarket radio, also you could just buy a cd changer that uses fm transmitter and then you could play your cd over fm on the radio you have in there

09-01-08, 08:08 PM
Thanks for the response!

I would prefer to just buy an inexpensive factory cd/radio from ebay and replace mine. I have thought about aftermarket but I really feel that would be overkill for what I am after. I rarely listen to anything but talk radio but the occasional CD would be nice. I also really do not like the idea of ***extra*** equipment in the cabin with wires draped all over the console or dash.

I was hoping that I could find out if a 97+ cadillac radio/cd/cassette would hook up in my 96. I have found that many of the 96-97 units that have CD are Bose only. It looks like the non-Bose CD units that are available are for newer vehicles and I am just not certain if they will work with my car.

I also would like to not lose the steering wheel functions.

Hope this more clearly defines what I am looking for.

09-02-08, 11:20 PM
I prefer to keep a factory look but it has been my experience that used factory radios are often more expensive than aftermarket units that in many cases probably offer superior performance.

Coincidentally there is a radio with single CD on eBay right now from a '98 Deville (I think, but I believe it may be bose). It may fit in your 96 SLS, but you'd have to check the details.

The FM modulator suggestion seems like a good one to me. It can be done discretely.

Also, it may be that there are trunk CD changers capable of interfacing with your radio. Look for an unused connector on the passenger side of you trunk -- maybe behind the cloth-like trim. If the connector is there you might be able to connect a CD changer -- GM or other company made to interface with GM -- and operate it from the head-unit that is in your car right now.

Note also that in order to operate, many radios later than '97 often require an anti-theft code to be programmed into the vehicle. They don't just plop in without issue.

09-06-08, 01:23 PM
doesnt exist
aftermarket only