: Electrics messed up on 1976 fleetwood

08-31-08, 03:27 AM
Whilst attempting to install an alarm in my 1976 fleetwood we have had to dissect the area under drivers foot by the hood release and behind the fuse panel, this was in order to find the right wires to rig the alarm into the turn signals, however it seems the courtesy lights are staying on even with all doors shut and the headlights won't go at all, the fuses for these are not blown or badly connected. I'm thinking some new short circuit may have occurred while getting at the wires by the fuse panel? The wiring diagrams in the FSM haven;t been much help at all. Has anyone else come across this sort of thing before and does anyone have any advice about what exactly to do next?

08-31-08, 12:16 PM
I would start by working backwards. Disconnect the alarm, and trace all the connections you made. Get the electrics working, then try to install the alarm. Or, take it to a shop that specializes in alarms. It is so easy for them because they have lots of experience. They know the colours for the wires from memory (GM wiring colours never change).