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06-13-04, 04:54 PM
I am registering my profound disappointment with Cadillacs continued delay of offering this vehicle (3.6l with 6-speed manual) to the purchasing public. Note the choice of words... purchasing public. I am tired of hearing how this vehicle exists - but continues to be delayed. It appears that Cadillac has adopted the marketing tactics of the software industry - Vaporware!

My decision to delay several months to purchase a new sport sedan was based on the information from Cadillac that the 6 speed manual would be available in the '05 model - with the builds to start in Lansing mid-May.

Since then, the timeline has been...
1) Available for build on May 19
2) Change - builds scheduled for June 20
3) Change - builds scheduled for August!?

I refuse to wait any longer for a product that doesn't exist. Cadillac's production plan changes have quenched any enthusiasm I had for this vehicle. I must congratulate Cadillac for taking an excited customer and totally alienating them.

Demographic is married, BS degree, two children - in college, $120M per year, marketing director - industrial equipment, and I own the following vehicles:
'98 Saturn LS2 - daughter
'93 Cutlass Supreme Coupe - son
'02 Honda CRV - wife (purchased after test driving Rendezvous)
'00 Intrepid (company vehicle) to be replaced.

The CRV was the first non-US car ever owned and the experience has been excellent - both in the dealership and operation of the vehicle.

Car most likely to purchase in the next two weeks: Acura TL 3.2

You had me, you lost me.


06-22-04, 10:04 PM

How long exactly have you been waiting? They announced the 6 speed, what, maybe 6 months ago? Nice patience you have there. Personally, I'd rather see them take the time to get it right rather than push it to market just to sate a few people like you.

Cadillac has about a million redesigns going on right now. I think it is impressive that they could release so many first model year high quality cars in such a short time. Adding a 6 speed to their already well selling CTS line probably isn't high on their list of priorities at the moment, but you know what? They are doing it anyway because we requested it. Since the CTS' introduction, Cadillac has made dozens of tweaks and upgrades because of customer request. A 6 speed is coming before year's end. To call it vaporware after such a short time is hardly fair.

Have fun with that FWD Acura...