: personal settings

08-28-08, 09:34 PM
I recently bought a 07 sts and followed the manual for setting my settings such as time and month and radio sound settings such as bass and tremble but its not letting me,I pressed tune knob like I was told get the info but when I turn knob to change something nothing happens also tried remote start and nothing lights blink like they are suppose too but doesn't start Not sure if its me not doing something right or some kind of malfunction

08-28-08, 09:54 PM
You didn't say if you have the nav unit or not. Mine does and there is a screen where you go to turn on the remote start. I'm guessing the ones without nav also have someplace where you turn on the remote start before you can use it. Also one you do get it to work, it only lets you start it 2 times for a total of 20min. before you have to manually start it up.

08-28-08, 10:37 PM
try to reset to default settings and then change your settings again.

05-29-09, 10:51 PM
I have the same problem getting to the setup screen.How do you reset the personal settings?