: Eror code p0153

06-13-04, 12:41 PM
Anyone know if this is the oxygen sensor in the front exhust manifold. do you think this error code for slow responce bank 2 sensor 1 means it should be replaced or could it mean something else is causing the slow responce? I am a very good part swapper and hate to take my 1997 in as it was service last fall and i have only put 500 or less miles on it.

06-13-04, 06:29 PM
Yes it is the fwd manifold. Bank 2 is left bank. Bank 1 is right bank. Sounds like it is just a little sluggish. Clear the codes and see if it returns. I get the same thing once every 3-6 months. I wouldn't replace it unless it stays current and keeps the SES light on.