: aftermarket radio in 2003 Escalade

08-26-08, 03:14 PM
I, am from the netherlands.(sorry for bad englisch)
I have to install a Pioneer dubbeldinn radio in a Escalade from 2003 with bose system. Is this possible ? The i have to remove the amp. (in the middel console) en place new speakers ( now are the speakers 2 ohm -3 ohm and 12 ohm)
or can a use the amp in the car ? and how ?
The radio in the car is a Delphi delco.

please help !

greetz cosa

08-26-08, 04:16 PM
GMOS-01 or GMOS-04

08-29-08, 07:38 AM
Thanks for your reply.

We made it to install the radio.

Now we have only 1 problem. Most radio frequencies are working fine.
But 2 radio frequencies are noising. We tried everything nothing is working.

We found the amp of the antenna but we can't do anything with is because the old radio managed it.

Is there any possibility we can activate the amp for the antenna. Or is there another possibility to get a clear radio frequencie?

06-20-14, 11:26 AM
Is there a way to power the amp without the harness? The harness is almost $90 is there a way around this? Thank you

06-21-14, 09:55 AM
This thread has been dead for almost 6 years. Please update your profile with your car, model, year. It sure helps with advice and diagnosis.

Aftermarket sound installs in Cadillacs are very touchy and must be done correctly or the electrical/alarm/no-start gremlins will drive you crazy. You cannot cheap out on the work.