: XM Antenna

BlackedouT STS
08-26-08, 03:13 PM
When I bought My 05 STS It didnt have a mast on the xm antenna. I found one on ebay but it says its for 06-08 cars eventhough it looks like it will fit my 05. Does anyone know if this is the right part. here is the ebay link. (Have to copy and paste it into your browser, I dont have enough posts to insert links yet)



08-26-08, 04:00 PM
link doesnt work

BlackedouT STS
08-26-08, 07:17 PM
Tried to repost the link and the forum wont let me. Heres the description of the part: You are bidding on XM Radio MAST. This mast has a triangular bottom not rounded. GM makes 2 different styles of XM antennas. This type of mast sets down into an opening on the base and is attached with two small screws, included. (Part # 25758073) If you go to ebay and type in xm antenna mast its the first item under ebay stores. The seller is vettewrecks corvette parts.

08-27-08, 01:14 AM
They were never consistent on what antennas were used in what years. If you have the one that's held in with 2 screws, it should work. The mast part is only used for the OnStar cellular signal.

BlackedouT STS
08-27-08, 03:15 PM
Thanks for the help. I dont use my onstar so i wont even worry about it.