: Clear tail lenses for the Euro version CTS

08-26-08, 10:18 AM
Dear Cadillac,

after a long wait for the '08 CTS to replace my 06 CTS I was very delighted to make a test drive.
all along 2007 I followed the spy pics and reports and was looking forward to the final design. It was all worth waiting for and the test drive was excellent. I even got a 10 speed ticket with picture sent home as a reminder of that nice ride.

What I didn't like at all were the clear tail lenses Cadillac found as a solution for the yellow turn signal lights. I think it doesn't look good and I am backed up by the european Cadillac dealer, my girlfriend and anyone I discussed the new CTS with. A yellow or clear window for just the turn signal would've looked better.

So, I found this a pitty. Also the SRX and STS in Europe have clear tail lenses, but the SRX has the background painted black and the STS has sufficient red elements to make it look good. The all chrome background in the 08 CTS tail lights does not look good at all!

I hope you will find a better solution for maybe the '09 and will not make the same mistake with the coupe and the wagon!

Kind regards,