: Rev.dadillac

06-12-04, 09:57 PM
:cool: hey everyone! i am new to the forumand found some realy useful information as well as some moderatly bogus info here but over all i have really enjoyed the fact that some of the really technical questions i had about my 94 caddilac Eldorado have if not direct legitimate answers to them, at least links where i could find outthe correct answers to the questions i have. if anyone has information to companies which make performance suspension parts i am interested in that topic big time and after my 114 mph run through several tractor trailer drivers last week so is my wife , noticed quite a bit of body roll which i can't stand. looking forward to a lot more interesting articles in the future.

06-12-04, 10:33 PM
Unfortunatley the late, now read 'discontinued' Eldorados have an issue with roll on the stock suspension setup as I've noticed my 98 ETC has more roll at highway speeds than my 90 Eldorado does. Look around, there are some suspension upgrades/mods that can be done to help remedy the situation. Oh, and WELCOME!

06-13-04, 08:24 PM

Its nice to hear that you were able to find some discussion and links that helped you. Thanks for singing up with us. Good luck with your Eldo mod.

06-19-04, 03:57 AM
:welcome: hope you always love your Cadillac.

08-07-04, 11:48 PM
Thank you everyone. I have found the modded suspension that i will replace the now busted front struts with. I think after all the investigation I am going with the Boston setup because it comes with the key that disables the ride control message. and the price for a whole set of those is still less than One of the struts for the front. quick question, anyone know why cadillac charges $879 for the right front strut and only $649for the left? just curious about that and one other thing a little trick i found for the oil leak comments i saw in some of the other postings, check the oil pan and see if the car had the transmission previously rebuilt, if it has been and they didn't replace all the oil pan seals when they did it that rear main seal may be the source of the leak. unfortunately i now know this one from experience. and not sure how much it is going to cost for the seal replacement but i know it's not going to be a very easy task. Thanks for the welcome. even if i don't keep this eldorado which i really love even with all its down sides, i'll deffinately have another one. Momma wants a catera now and i wouldn't mind an escalade myself.