View Full Version : 61 Deville 390 Rad

08-25-08, 07:09 PM

im a western canadian with a black 61 6 window that unfortunatly has blown its rad...im havin one hell of a snot of a time trying to find a replacement and the information ive been getting recently for a recore is like $500 to $1000 if you can belive it

anyone know if the rad in this car was the same to 64 or later? cause 64 and up is appearing to be no problem to get ahold of , also was the rad in any other GM for the period ? its been suggested the early impalas might have had it but i cant find any information on that either

any information would be greatly appreciated


09-21-08, 10:10 PM
USA parts supply has brand new radiators for 399.

search on google for them you'll find them.