: Aftermarket Nav or factory? Bose compatible issues

08-25-08, 06:30 PM
I have an '08 Denali & am looking to install either the factory navigation system (didnt have it when I bought it) or aftermarket. I have spoken to 2 dealerships & 2 well-known stereo shops & have gotten conflicting answers from all 4. One dealership & 1 car stereo place said to install aftermarket & that Kenwood seems to be the latest & greatest & best compatible with Bose System. Other 2 places (1 was a car stereo place that would lose my business since they only do aftermarket) said they recommend only the factory system since Bose is not very compatible with any system, even the latest Kenwood (using adapters, kits, etc) & that if you put in aftermarket, you might as well replace entire system wiring, speaker, amp, etc. Factory system is about $1k more installed than aftermarket though. Please help

08-26-08, 06:15 PM
aftermarket is the best solution for your situation.
a new cad factory nav is going to run you allot of money...ALLOT.
after market is extremely simple..especially when you need a bose/onstar interface.
during the install, all the wire taps needed will be in that interface. constant, acc, ground, etc.....
i removed my stock nav and did the install on my 02 dts with onstar/bose myslef and had no trouble.
and i had never touched any of that stuff....thanks to cadillacsts2003, i did it and saved my self ALLOT of stereo shop install charges. RIDICULOUS amount.
i had the Pioneer avic d3 installed with every accessorie-XM radio, XM nav traffic, IPOD onsceen control, Bluetooth, back up cam, ir remote, rear seat monitor, etc... worked gr8.
However, i removed it becasue i no longer needed it since and reinstalled my factory nav and i was able to add an aux vid/audio in it from cadillacsts2003. and added factory style bluetooth to it thanks to rbd.
If you want i can sell you my d3 nav to you with all acc (ex monitor/backup cam).
heres a vid about it.
pm me if interested
just noticed that you probabl wont be able to pm since you only have 1 post.
email me if interetsed- mrgoodbar672001@sbcglobal.net
YouTube - Pioneer AVIC-D3 (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ac3BRPOxpPA)