: Chicago Upholstery Work

08-24-08, 10:17 PM
I need a new headliner in my '85 Cad. Any auto upholstery shop recommendations for Chicago area north suburbs?

08-25-08, 01:01 PM
Please put what type of car you have in your profile. There are no good places around here to do it. I did the one in my Fleetwood my self and it cost like $30 for fabric and glue and about a day (mostly waiting for glue to dry). I was having trouble finding the right color headliner fabric so I called Riggs Brothers and they wanted $400 just to glue the fabric to the board! I already had it out of the car and was gonna bring in in our van and they wanted that much for some fabric and a little glue.

Here it is now. These pictures are a few months old and the sun was playing games with my camera so it looks a lot worse than it actually is. None of those bulges (or dips rather) are there anymore.