: Cadillac was Leader...But when?

08-24-08, 03:57 PM
Hi guys!

I want to learn about Cadillac's leading era. I concern about which time it was. I think 1970's, but most of guys thinks Cadillac was never the best, they are saying MB was better in that years. ( They claim all the years that automobile era has got actually )

And also, I want to learn that Why American cars went down and down after 1970's , and today why they are not leader? It is all about gasoline crisis, nah I dont think so.

The last question is, I heard about Buick had got Max Trac traction control system in the past in fewer models such Riviera. But why did all sources say MB is the first? ( With Asr ) , I concern about that really really much, and why did not they continiued that technology and bring it for 75-76, why didnt Cadillac Eldorado used this?