: 2008 STS Test drive

08-23-08, 11:46 PM
The wife and I test drove a 08 sts with awd and 3.6 v6 . I think today after winding that sts up a crooked road using the manual shift option and making my wife car sick in about 40 seconds. It has pretty much sold me on the car.
What can I expect on MPG city and highway driving being conservative?

08-24-08, 06:12 AM
15-25mpg. Enjoy!

08-24-08, 06:23 AM
I get all around 20-22 with the V8 AWD Platinum Edition 2008

08-24-08, 12:35 PM
Ours is showing <right now> 22 MPG. That's mostly "around town" miles but to be fair there are some stretches of U.S. 1 that we travel frequently that allow about 10 miles of "highway" driving. When we take it on trips and reset the MPG calculation at the start it shows 26 MPG pretty consistently. I tend to drive more err... umm... aggressively than my bride (2 of our other cars are Corvettes) she would probably do better. That 3.6 incidentally doesn't take a back seat in terms of performance. We are both extremely pleased with it.

08-24-08, 01:27 PM
Wife and I just returned from a 4300 mile trip in our V6 STS. We used 164 gallons of gas, averaging 26.2 MPG. Car computer read 25-27 MPG during trip. I run mid-grade gas.

When I use the car as a DD to work and back I get about 21 MPG.

08-24-08, 10:14 PM
Thank you for the info on MPG . Now just trying to find all the right options and I will post a picture soon.

09-16-08, 02:52 PM
I have the 3.6DI and I am averaging 22.2mpg and I am a pretty aggressive driver. BTW mine is RWD. I am really impressed with the gas mileage. I took a 300 mile trip a couple months ago and averaged a little over 27 mpg. That's all on 87 Octane too.

09-16-08, 06:22 PM
I have the 2008 RWD STS. I get around 20.6 MPG, but it is mostly local driving. My car, obtained in Sept 19, 2007 has a grand total of 4517 miles on it.

This is what I drive most of the time.

09-18-08, 11:23 AM
I get 19 mpg in city and about 25 on highway. I have 2005 STS 3.6L v6.