: Smoke

08-23-08, 12:44 PM
I have just bought a 1994 Cadillac Deville 4.6. It seems to run well but it smokes like a mosquito killer. Both tail pipes bellow smoke out. I pulled the dust cover off and there is a lot of oil in the intake the map sensor is covered with oil. I lifted the injectors out part of the way and did not feel any resistance on the seals. I could not lift the injectors all of the way out because I do not know how to release the driver side plate under the dust cover. All is lose except the middle of the driverís side. Has anyone ran into this before lots of oil in the intake manifold. Thanks for any help Jim

08-23-08, 03:10 PM
What color is the smoke? Is it white? If its white...Thats not good at all. If its oil smoke (blueish tint to it and doesnt dissapear and has the smell of oil smoke) Then it could mean your piston rings are worn out. Which is caused by not taking care of the car.(fluid and filter changes) Need more info for someone to really help you. Color of smoke, mileage, Was the car kept up?

Im sure the oil is coming from the PCV system. which is normal to get some oil in there from it. But you could be getting excessive oil in there and burning it thru intake.

08-23-08, 03:52 PM
There's a thread by AJxtcman about improper sealing under the valve covers that routes a river of oil past the inlet to the PCV hose.

08-23-08, 04:10 PM
Thanks for the input I wish I knew how much is tomuch in the intake if it was the pvc I could jut unhook it and put the intake bck together and upluge the pvc and block it off and it the smoke quit I would know that was the problem is that corect? is the injector seals supose to be lose or pretty tight? And one more thing is there a trick to getting the plate off that says tork these bolst befor starting engin I know this is a lof of questions so I have one more do you have a url for the article by AJxtcman on valve covers. Thanks for any help you can give Jim

08-23-08, 05:23 PM
Pull the pcv hose at the valve cover with the engine running and look in the hole with a flashlight. AJ said he saw a river of oil going by that he was able to fix with the valve cover off with some silicone sealer. Do some searches in the northstar forum.

08-23-08, 06:45 PM
Have you smelled the "smoke"? Does it smell like oil, fuel or coolant?