: Bose Luxery Audio

08-23-08, 02:46 AM
Good day all!

I'm hoping that the audio experts can give me some assistance. I'm looking for as much technical information as I can find (I'll explain as I go). First, please read on before firing me off to another internet forum as there is a reason I've dropped in here:)

I own what's becoming a heavily modified 2004 Bonneville GXP. Now, I know what you're thinking... it's no Cadillac (and I agree) but it is a pretty nice car ;) The vehicle was originally equipped with a Monsoon stereo system that I later upgraded (with some modification) to a TNR800 Bose Premium system (P/N: 15800000). While this was nice, I was hoping to do a little better and as such have recently installed the Bose Lux version of this nav unit (P/N: 10377531 - Not the most recent revision) along with a a Lux amp (P/N: 15114454).

Everything seems to work (generally) very well. The sound quality seems to be much better. This unit (as did the non-Lux version) works with my XM DRR, Steering Wheel Controls, OnStar and 12 Disc CDX (all correct components for the Bonneville). What doesn't work is the radio does not broadcast information to my Head-Up Display to be seen on the windshield (not a big deal) and when I have my wipers on for > 6 seconds the Bonneville turns off the DRL's and turns on low beams along with all interior backlighting (except on the nav unit). Now, here's what I'm looking for some help with...

Periodically, and I haven't found a pattern yet, I'll hear a split-second burst of increased volume in the car. This only happens after making some form of adjustment (ie: station pre-set, etc) on the head unit but didn't happen with the non-Lux unit. I don't know if there are any known issues with this revision of head unit, amp, or if this might be due to an unexpected class 2 data message that my car broadcasts, not usually seen in the Escalade. I purchase the Lux nav unit on eBay and have no history.

I'm also curious if anyone knows exactly what parameters change with different configurations of the amplifier. I do own a Tech2 and would like to determine the best configuration for my car based on the six choices).

Next, I have no AM reception. AM worked fine on the non-Lux TNR800 so I don't know if this is a defect with the radio or if I'll have to swap my antenna module (for the Bonneville originally) with one for the Cadillac. The Bonneville also uses a Diversity Antenna system with one antenna located on the windshield and one on the rear glass. FM reception is fantastic... way better than with the non-Lux nav unit.

The amplifier has a consistent U1000 DTC. I've researched this and believe it is because I'm missing a module the amp expects to see (? RSE Controller). This doesn't appear to have affected operation.

Any thoughts or help with these questions is most appreciated ;)

08-23-08, 01:54 PM
ill have to look over some wiring schematics on that
wow you def got into this major though
itll take a few days
anything i can post for you in the mean time like wiring schematics or something?

08-23-08, 02:29 PM
Thanks for the reply! As with all my mods, I do a lot of research and tend to get fairly deep into things. I've always believed this is the best way to approach things.

In many respects it's nice that even with completely different platforms there are frequently similarities allowing for this sort of mod.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply and look into things ;) I do have access to FSM's for both the Escalade and Bonneville, although I appreciate your offer to help with diagrams etc. I had read somewhere (but I don't recall where) that some of the Lux amps were problematic (certain part numbers). This is why I wondered if any of these issues (specifically the short burst in volume) might be known. With the help of my local dealership, I was able to determine there don't appear to be any TSB's relating to my problem.

One other bit of information I've been trying to track down is the impedance of the various speakers in the Escalade. The Monsoon system in the Bonneville uses 2 ohm for the tweeters and subwoofers but 4 ohm for the midrange in all the doors. Ideally, I'm sure sound quality will be best if I can ensure correct speaker matching. As of this time, I have not changed any of the OEM speakers originally installed by GM. I'm very particular that any mod I do must come out of another GM vehicle. I don't install anything aftermarket and therefore if needed, I'll try and come up with some Escalade speakers.

Thanks again. I'm looking forward to anything you can help me with!

08-23-08, 03:20 PM
Cadillac Bose Speakers all run 1 ohm
so it stands to reason that your Lade amp and radio is set up for 1 ohm speaks

08-23-08, 06:07 PM
Thanks! I guess the hunt is on.

08-25-08, 12:35 AM
You're reception should be no different with the lux or non-lux. The units are identical, they are just programmed differently. I also remember when I was trying out a GMT800 TNR in my Oldsmobile to see if it would even work, it had the lux flash on it then, if I messed with the buttons I would get little blips of sound with no amp what so ever. I ended up using a GMT257 TNR (has blue backlighting, like the factory olds stuff) which is also non-lux (non-bose?).

08-25-08, 01:19 AM
Thanks for the info. I suspected the antenna portion of the radio should function the same between the Lux and non-Lux. Off to do some testing. What's odd about the bursts of increased sound volume is that it has started to occur less frequently. I'm going to continue using the Lux version for now. I think I may try and locate some Bose speakers, make a few checks relating to the AM and go from there. Worst case scenario I'll put my Monsoon amp and non-Lux version back in. I just like the sound quality much better from the Lux version though.

The Bonneville button backlighting is more of an red/orange. I changed the LED's and now it is so close a match it's very difficult to tell the difference.

08-25-08, 02:03 AM
Yeah, It's easy enough to swap those faceplates over on the TNR for your backlighting as well. I've never actually tried the AM reception on mine, let alone the FM that often. I'm usually using the XM 99.9% of the time. I've heard the Lux is significantly better. A friend of mine (the former owner of the now non-existant onstarforum) is currently converting his wife's CTS to the lux setup.

08-25-08, 02:34 AM
I never listen to AM. It's just knowing it doesn't work that'll bug me (especially since it did with my previous nav radio). I'm very particular about the fact that if something is there, it needs to work.

As for nav in general, I was disappointed that GM never offered it for my vehicle (although I definitely understand why). This is yet another case of pulling something off that GM told me couldn't be done.