: Just got it a week ago!!!

06-12-04, 03:54 PM
My baby is a 2001 Cadillac Seville STS, Graphite gray exterior with gray leather interior...man, nickname is THE BEAST!!! this thing HAULS A>>!!!

One question, while on the road it seems to telegraph every nook and crany of it through the steering wheel, not necessarily bad, just unexpected in a Cadillac, i've driven Benzes and BMW's like this, just never expected it from Cadillac...is this normal? I know the dealer put 4 new tires before I got it (54K mile lease return, 2 year 24K mile GMPP on it), also, when not moving and in hot stop and go traffic the temp gauge moves a little off center, not quite 3/4 of the way to hot, it never moves higher, is this OK??

I'll try to post pics as soon as my net connection is working at my new place.

This car blows away my friends Kompressor Benz and Lexus ES!!!

06-12-04, 06:51 PM
I think what your talking about could be normal, maybe you need some suspension help, but your dealer can advise there, are you still under warranty, if you are your almsot up...

I would recommend tipping the tech to "find" stuff to replace right before the warranty is up... Trust me it works

Welcome aboard, thanks for signing up :wave:

06-13-04, 08:56 PM
Welcome Rerm!

Thanks for joining. It sounds like it is a beautiful beast, can't wait to see the pictures. The vibes could be from the tires (not an expert). I agree with WES the dealer could advise best. I personally did not like the GY RSA's that came with my Concours. They did not play well in 'the wet'. I replaced them with Toyo Proxyes TPT's, much more confident in 'the wet' and overall a little softer feel. The eng temp thing sounds more normal than abnormal. (especially if you give it a fair amount of right foot during the 'go' part of 'stop and go')! Good luck with the 'beast'.

06-19-04, 03:56 AM
I am glad you found Cadillac! to be as gutsy as mercedes and BMW. All in all:welcome: