: Odd parking lot experience.

06-09-03, 05:28 PM
I came out of the gym a few min ago after a nice workout. I walk to my car and to my dissmay I see TWO of my car. Parked right next to me is a beautiful black 1995 Eldo ETC. Its next to my 1995 gark green eldo ETC.

Now I dont know if the driver planned it or not. This is one of those lots where it is impossible to get a space where you want it. So it had to have been chance that they parked there.

Anyway. this time i found a pen under my seat and left a note on the car to come over here and say hi. I hope they do

Chuck C
06-09-03, 05:46 PM
jay...you should race that guy to add to your win column

06-10-03, 09:41 AM
I love seeing other people drive my same car...

06-10-03, 11:31 AM
If I see another car like mine, I make an effort to park next to them. I figure they're less likely to leave me a door ding.

06-10-03, 12:39 PM
I LOVE parking next to other Cadillacs, especially Fleetwoods. I REALLY love to see the look on the other car's owner's face when they see mine next to theirs. ;)

06-10-03, 04:19 PM
I get excited when I SEE another Q on the road...... You dont see them very often.....

06-11-03, 04:10 PM
I'm fine with seeing other CTS's as long as they aren't the same color as mine(silver). It's silly & petty, I know. Especially since silver is such a popular color, but luckily enough most of the CTS's I've seen are black (still looks sharp).

06-11-03, 08:13 PM
Shaggy i have a silver cts and i hate seeing anyother cts it makes me feel less special :( and when i wavwe they dont wave back!

06-11-03, 08:28 PM
Originally posted by Katshot
I LOVE parking next to other Cadillacs, especially Fleetwoods.

I'm too cool to park next to another Fleetwood. :cool:

06-11-03, 08:50 PM
I see enough Escalades on the road. Once we parked next to an antique mercedes-benz (I think late 10s early 20s), a Seville SLS, and a Jaguar X-series. The Jaguar wasn't much, but the 4 looked pretty good together.

06-11-03, 11:05 PM
shoulda had the camera!!!!!!!!