View Full Version : No Cadillacs at LeMans!

El Dobro
06-12-04, 01:37 PM
What's this world coming to?

06-12-04, 02:07 PM
there may not be a caddy but there is a diesel !!!!!!


the above is the diesel coming next year from ricardo enginering

here is this years car :http://www.lemans.org/univers_sport/24hauto/live/team/ifc/004_car_01.jpg


El Dobro
06-12-04, 03:28 PM
Yea, I saw that thing beibg pushed into the garage before they cut to another race. I haven't heard if it's still in the race. You can be assured if a diesel does good, they'll probably outlaw them. When Mazda kicked ass with their rotaries, I believe in 1991, they were banned.

06-12-04, 04:00 PM
The deisel is blowing up clutches. Something about too much torque.

There's a jet powered one as well. It was doing ok.

As for the Caddy's not being there, if you mean the CTS-V's, they're still trying to balance the competition for them. Their intro at Sebring, they dominated all. The next race, they go restrictor plates cut by about 30%, they got 200 lbs added in, and the Caddy's were dogging having to work very hard. The plate may stay steady, but the weight may be pulled some.
If you mean the Cadillac LMP cars, didnt know the team was still being sponsored...

El Dobro
06-12-04, 04:40 PM
Yeppers, I'm talking about the CTS-V's. I guess we can't have an American car kicking ass, although the Vettes are doing ok.
I wonder if an XLR will ever make an appearance. I'm sure it'll have to be a V Series car if it ever does.

El Dobro
06-12-04, 04:58 PM
Talk about speaking too soon. Just as I pushed the button, the same Vette that crashed earlier crashed again. A prototype car then crashed into it after he got rear-ended from someone that wasn't paying attention to the yellow flag. That driver was cool. He called the guy that hit him a "cucking funt" on live tv.

06-12-04, 05:01 PM
Lmao yeah, i saw that too.. totally unexpected when i heard it, took a second to register what he just said... and then the announcers covering their butts for it being Live tv.

A 24 hr race is enough reason to excuse the langauge for me...

06-13-04, 12:11 PM
Well I think ever since Cadillac started their LMP program they thought it was going to be a cake walk going in their and trying to beat up on everyone. But then once they got a mudhole stomped in their ass they ran away with their tail between their legs. Overall the Cadillac LMP was an embarrassment to the Cadillac name. But the CTS-V's were doing awesome in the Sebring race but I never did catch the second race. But the C5-R's, and Ferrari 550's are in a whole different class then the CTS-V's. Because if they entered into the GTS class they would have gotten stomped on again. I dunno much about the GT class but the Porsche RSR's and RS's seemed to be dominating the GT class when I was watching lastnight and I dunno what their performance is compared to the CTS-V's.

06-13-04, 02:29 PM
The Vettes put the parts back on, and went on to win. Woot.

As for the CTS-V in the GT class, I dont think they'd be too competetive. The classes are based on speeds, handling, and build features. The P1 cars are supposed to go to 210 as I recall and be "prototype" chassis, P2 are 200 and same prot chassis, GTS are 190 and based loosely on street cars. and the GT class is like 180 and supposed to be not far from the production work at all. ie, roll cage, some suspension and stiffening, some engine work, but not a ton. I think though, I'm not sure.
The CTS-V is setup in a touring car challenge, against things like the M3 and M5, Holden HSV, C5 Vettes, Mustang Cobra's, etc. I'm not 100% on all this though folks, so don't quote me. :P

06-14-04, 08:52 PM
What's this world coming to?
It's really a shame, isn't it?

Cadillac was so darn anxious to take the world by storm, that they forgot to realize that most of the comapnies involved in the LeMans have been developing thier cars for this race for many years. They should have stuck with it, meanwhile, try to develop a better car in time, in order to compete with the other manufactuers (sp?). I believe, that if they had stuck with the program, they would have developed one hell of a car to compete with in due time. In turn they would have discovered alot about themselves and the products they use in their vehicles every year.

Just like americans, to want it all or nothing at all..... You got to work for perfection, it's not going to fall in your lap the first time out.

Now the CTS-V on the other hand, furhter development of this car, will tilt the racing world upside down. I was elated to see the CTS-V perform the way it did at Sebring. I had to turn on the old surround sound so I could enjoy listening to this car rev up. Their performance at Sebring, of course, will only make other manufacturers whine about how Cadillac cheated, blah, blah, blah.

Face it world, your car :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: the CTS-V :lildevil: .