: Dealer Screwed up my GC!!

08-20-08, 08:36 PM
So I dropped off the V at the Dealer to get the Service Vehicle Soon Light taken care of... Picked it up yesterday, and as Im driving home I hear a slight squeek... then as I hit some bumps the Squeek gets really bad, and then to the point of getting Loud and me getting angry... Then to my Suprise my Service Vehicle Soon light pops back on AGAIN!! So I call the dealer... Service is closed! F'in Great! So I drop it off to get fixed, and instead of fixing it, they made it worse! So I call my installer and give him the details and he tells me that when the Car was up on the lift the Spring must have come off the Seat, and when they lowered it back down they didnt make sure it was seated properly!! So I Left messages with the Serv. Director, who called me back today and said to drop it off, and he'll take care of it personally... So now its back at the dealer, getting the Service Vehicle soon Light taken care of AGAIN, and there supposedly gonna try and re-seat the spring... I told them "if you try and mess with it too much im gonna be pissed, Just try and re-seat it, and if that doesnt work, ill take it back to my installer..." SOOOOO Annoyed! Never heard of the Springs coming loose after jacking up the car, but I guess its possible... FYI for those with GC kits going into the Dealer! :banghead:

Oh and I guess the Service Vehicle soon light was for "the PCM sending 10 Volts to the Alt, and not the 5 its suppose to..." Even though yesterday I was told it was because of a Leaking Gas Tank Seal??? :confused::want:

08-20-08, 09:00 PM
It's happened a couple of times to my car ... it's no biggie. Eibach shifting sideways and getting caught on the end of the seat/perch when I jacked the car up and back down again, then making a big noise when it settles back in. Shouldn't hurt a thing.

Never had a service soon light come on, though.

08-20-08, 09:02 PM
When you lift the car, the rear eibachs are too short. They just sit in the bottom, can't reach the top.
How low is your car?

08-20-08, 11:35 PM
When you lift the car, the rear eibachs are too short. They just sit in the bottom, can't reach the top.
How low is your car?

Its not the Rear... its the Front Driver Side.. My Cars Lowered 1" in the Front, and .8" in the Rear.

08-20-08, 11:52 PM
My fronts squeek after and during rain. It's really not a big deal. I put some grease on the rubber perches and have never heard it again.

08-21-08, 12:15 AM
Run the front end low and that front driver side will squeak. I never had the sound until I was leaving for a trip to GingerMan. It had just rained for the first time since installation and I freaked. Slather it up with grease a few times every few weeks and the sound will mostly go away.

As for the rear springs, they move around plenty when the suspension is hanging...

08-21-08, 01:02 AM
wow kind of an inconvenience more than anything it sounds like, too bad they couldnt pinppoint it a little soon, like 2 visits ago lol. Anyways it does seem odd but not impossible the shock/strut itself must just travel a good bit further than the completely decompressed spring for it to come unseated?