: 2005 STS High Mileage

08-20-08, 10:20 AM
Hi Everyone. I'm looking at an 2005 STS v8 Northstar. I don't know much about cadillacs but I am very interested in buying. The car has over 100,000 miles. I have heard different things about problems with Cadillac Transmissions. Will this car last me awhile or am I walking into a bunch of new problems. It is completely loaded, so There are many things that can go wrong. Can I get another 100k out of this car or will I have numerous problems. Thanks in advance.

08-20-08, 10:32 AM
Hey, hersh.....Me again.......Didn't mean to chase you out of Northstar....that's a good place for engine info. Just that these guys up here know a lot more about long-term STS vehicles than us down in Seville........Best of luck. Should be a great car.

08-20-08, 10:40 AM

It'd have to be REALLY cheap (under 15K) to even consider it because for 30% more you could get a car with 75% less mileage ;)

08-20-08, 11:16 AM
Thanks Batu, I'm right on that very fine line. I know the car has been taken care of, long highway miles, but I don't want to be investing repair money in the short term. It has 115k to be exact 13,500.00 price.

08-20-08, 11:38 AM
another vote to pass on it. With that kind of mileage, as much as the seller doesn't want to hear it - I wouldn't pay more than 10K for it.

08-20-08, 04:19 PM
If you can, just buy and extended warranty with it and that will cover you against any problems.:thumbsup:


08-20-08, 04:36 PM
Like any other car, it is really luck of the draw. We had a 2003 DTS that had a torque converter go bad at 80K miles which required some transmission work, but we also had a 99 STS that we sold at 150K and my buddy whom I sold it to is still driving it with over 200K and no issues whatsoever. (probably should have kept it, but oh well....)

Cadillac had been in the front wheel drive business for a while up until 2005, so this car is probably one of the first of the new rear wheel drive vehicles to make it up to 100K. I'm not sure you can do a direct apples to apples comparison between a FWD setup and a RWD setup since the transmission setup is completely different.

I will say that based on all of the cars and trucks I have owned, the Cadillacs have NOT been more prone to issues than any other, yet they provide far superior performance and safety and have many more options. For as complicated of a piece of machinery as they are, they actually work pretty reliably.

Honestly, with that many miles in a relatively short period of time, I would be more worried about suspension components going bad than I would the transmission. A car doesn't get that many miles in a relatively short period of time while doing a lot of stop and go. I'm betting that most of the miles are highway miles which are not hard on a transmission at all.

08-20-08, 04:56 PM
Depending on how you drive it you should get a lot of life out of it. i have a 94 deville with 290 000 miles on it and the transmission finally gave in. but the northstar engine still runs fine. i doubt that there are many of the new gen cadillacs that are miled out yet since it has only been 3-4 years since their release. but this is not a cheap car, it is a quality product and i would expect it to last. i dont think it is optimistic to think you will get 180 000 miles out of it without any major problem. possibly many many more. just remember that everytime you floor the accelerator you put tremendous stress on the transmission

08-20-08, 09:11 PM
Keep looking... For around $17k or less I have seen them go on ebay with less than 50k miles. I would rather spend $3k more and get half the miles.

08-22-08, 05:02 PM
I vote for passing on this one. Price is too high.

08-23-08, 01:07 PM
Thanks for all your help everyone. Pretty much a split decision. I decided to pass for now but I will definitely be active in this forum when I buy one. Thanks again.

09-01-08, 09:35 AM
I took a 99 to 155K. At 100K, Proactively change water pump, tstat, belts and coolant. I had no engine issues, but was pulling codes on torque converter not locking up in 4th, and expensive shock issues $$$$$. YMMV.

Try to find one with 50-75K and a warranty for a bit more money, and you may get 75K out of her.

Good luck!

2005 STS 1SG

Benjamin Simon
09-01-08, 04:00 PM
I would highly consider spending a little more and get one with low miles. It is not just the engine, but wear and tear on everything, paint, interior, ect. Also consider total cost of ownership. For instance, lets say you pay $20K for one with 40K miles opposed to paying $14K for one with 80K miles. Put 50K more miles and 3 years and you have one with 90K miles worth $11K or one with 130K miles worth $6K. So for about $1,000 you get a car with half the use. This is not even consider the marginal increase in repairs since you have driving the cars at different "times" of their life.

My point is it is "cheaper" to buy an initially more expensive STS. So, if you really want to do with the cheapest option, consider the total cost of ownership. However, if current financial constraints do not allow this, I understand how it could not be an option. In this is the case, I would reconsider the true and present "need" to drive an STS.

I realize I am not considering the opportunity cost of money and my future cost estimates are up for debate.