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06-12-04, 07:17 AM
Back in May, my wife and I were planning to buy a car with part of my tax returns. We both expected to find one that was just as luxurious as one of my last cars but didn't have room in our budget to afford a down payment.

Early last fall, "my friend", stole my convertible Z3 and rolled it in a wooded ditch at speeds in excess of 50 miles an hour. I had co-signed with my parents, provided a $1,000 dollar down payment, and had dreams of having the coolest import tuner around.The payments were simple at a fixed %9 APR for the next 70 months.Everywhere I'd go people would point and look. No matter where I was, the reaction was the same. During the 22nd summer of my life I was irrepudibly in my prime. :cheers:

After realizing that my young and stereotypical dream as a young man had finally came and gone,(and realizing Z3's don't make cars with three seats for unborn junior)it was time to explore the world of other fine automobiles.Like a '91 5.0L V-8 EFI Camaro RS. Or an '87 BMW 325 2.5L MOFI. As impulsive as it might sound, these vehicles I have registered, sold, and wrapped firmly around large timber dwelling rodents called,"Deer".

So, understanding my luck with cars, we'd decided to take another gamble that might put us ahead or in the hole and bought a '94 Cadillac Seville STS with my tax returns. My wife has always had a place in her heart for these large, expensive, and gasaholic machines. Wouldn't you after being promised an Escalade for her Highschool Graduation present? I'm not thoroughly impressed with some of the after market production of performance parts and accesories, but I have to say it's a got balls like a decorated Christmas tree. But seriously, I'd like to know about some links that could give me ideas on how to throw some more meat and muscle on this bad boy to go with it's

attractive prowess.


06-12-04, 06:55 PM
Welcome aboard, thanks for signing up chris :wave:

I think youll be pleased with the STS in the long run, there isnt much aftermarket, you can go NOS if you wnated to, SHADOWLVR400 has it on is eldorado.. You can also have exhaust, and performance chips... Thats about it...

Search around, its good reading!

06-13-04, 08:33 PM
Welcome Chris!

That's quite a story! I think the STS is a good compromise, luxury Sport Touring Sedan is a fine and safe way to transport Momma when it comes time to deliver junior. Good luck with the STS! More importantly good luck to you and your wife on the (upcoming) new baby!


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06-19-04, 03:53 AM
When your son grows up he will thank your for choosing Cadillac(thats if you stick with them). I couldnt be more happy that my dad bought them and still does. Its made me a Cadillac nut(of course you may not want that for your kid)haha.

Best wishis with Seville.