: President Reagan's Last Ride

06-12-04, 01:39 AM
This evening I had the honor and the pleasure to stand at attention as President Reagan's hearse, and motorcade, drove the last few miles before reaching the Reagan Library.

How fitting that America's greatest President in modern times should ride to his final resting place on America's greatest car.

Although not perfect, Reagan embodied the best of the American spirit: bravery in the face of opposition, generosity of heart towards friends and foes, a strong faith in the goodness of America and its people and a never-ending optimism that tomorrow would always bring a better day.

As an American who was born in a communist country I personally owe Reagan a debt of gratitude for his steadfast opposition of communism and his defense of democracy.

A great American has slipped the surly bonds of Earth and is now touching the face of God.

God Bless Reagan, God bless America God bless us all.

06-12-04, 03:54 AM
Living on the east coast I could only watch on tv as the motorcade moved along its route from the airport to the Ronald Regan Presidential Library. As a 22 year old I was nearly moved to tears, I mean here were Americans of all ages, races, and backgrounds stopping on the highway where American values in general are at their all time lowest in order to pay one last tribute and a moment of silence and respect to (at least in modern times) a true American Patriot.

I was barely old enough to remember my parents late night wakeup call for my brother, sister and I to watch as Germans from East and West tearing down the wall separating them in November of 1989. I remember my parents looking at us each in the eyes and saying, "This is one of the most important things you will ever see in your lives" and to this day they have not been wrong. This event happened because of two men's stubborn determination not to end the world but to begin it anew.

Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev were an odd pair the former being much the senior yet the latter having an unlikely strength of will. From their standoff at the UN summit on an arms control act to their unwavering name calling and bickering at an international level, neither flinched yet at the same time they did. Only truely adept politicians, and I don't mean your average run of the mill House Representatives or Senator, could stare each other straight in the face, say the other is a liar, have neither loose face, and both sides win, no matter how painful it may have seemed, and still lead their respective governments. In my opinion Gorbachev payed a truely dignified last respect to an enemy, a patriot, and in the end, a brother that made me proud not only to be an American, but to be a part of an international community that values life and progress over death and anarchy.

I just hope that my generation and those below me that, they not loose sight of such significant achievements and let day-to-day political partinisim taint their expectations and understanding of the world. After all, in the end almost everyone on this little rock we call home is interested in life...

06-12-04, 10:14 AM
Living in Milwaukee...I could only watch the entire deal. There are a few things from TV that I will never forget and the ending of the private service along with the procession through the capital are a few events. They go right along with war footage of hundreds of Iraqis surrendering to US troops back with George H.W. Bush's Iraq war, 9/11 footage, and hearing Reagan's farewell...