: Northwest Indiana Assistance Please...

08-19-08, 12:28 PM

"I will buy provide some form of gratitude that is considered to be acceptable by the party willing to assist me with my issues."

Now that we understand each other, :), I am trying to find some help from qualified V owners or someone that is very familiar with the car.

It took me and a coworker (honda guy) about 4 hours to remove the old corsa resonator and replace with the new. The original installer spliced the pipes from the resonator back and my dealer said that this was not correct. So, naturally looking at the installation instructions from Corsa I removed those splice pieces and just ran the Corsa original pipes from the resonators back to the mufflers. Well, now the assembly is too short. The tips do not extend out at all and they are hanging on by a thread with the torga clamps. Any major pothole and my suspension or rear stabilizer bar will knock out one or both from the muffler connection.

I need to find someone or some place that is familiar with this car and this exhaust system. My dealer was trying to say that i should weld all of the joints, but when i called corsa and talked with their guy, he said absolutely not. The system is not intended to be welded and that they would warranty (not that this affects me) the parts if welded joints were made. He also explained why they designed their system as a bolt-on. I just knew that welding any of the joints is just not the option to entertain.

Is there anyone here that is close to Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland that would be willing to help me out for a little kickback? I was hoping to catch Ted (SkullV), but I guess he is probably getting ready to head back to Purdue. I am just looking for the trained eye and ear to say "that's not right" or "that's normal".

Thanks all.


08-19-08, 12:31 PM
Send us pictures or trade it in on a Lexus. Your wasting bandwidth. :)

We can tell you what you need and you can tell the exhaust shop.


08-19-08, 12:45 PM
Don't weld it. :tisk:

I would suggest that the individual segments, as you've installed them, may be put together with the pieces pushed too far into each other thereby shortening the overall length of the system.

Start over. Install each piece beginning at the stock outlet from the calalytic converter with each piece telescoped together just enough to get a good clamp. Continue this way with each segment all the way to tips. You should be able to just read "Corsa" on the tips as they protrude out the back. If you have too much sticking out, loosen a clamp or two and telescope the pieces together just enough to fix it.

Think of it as exercise. :showoff:

08-19-08, 01:00 PM
Thanks rand49er. Where is Lyon, MI? Near the Indiana border?

Just lifting the car enough to work under neath was a bear, so thinking of this as an exercise is actually understating it! I will try and and do as you suggest. It took us probably an hour just to get the pipes "round" again so that they would telescope over the 2.5 inch resonator. The opening had to be perfect to fit over the resonator.

Ok, so loosen everything from front to back, then slowly push everything toward the back to get the proper fit? I think that is what you are suggesting. I will certainly try that. Thanks...


08-19-08, 01:15 PM
Oz...send me your phone number again. I will stop by Crown Point on my way back to Purdue tomorrow and check it out for you.

08-19-08, 01:18 PM
Hey thanks Ted! I am right off of 65 at 231. Thanks alot. Check your PM.


08-19-08, 06:19 PM
I'm about 150ish miles from Indiana border, but no matter ... Skull will fix you up. :thumbsup:

But, to clarify, if you can loosen it up and work from front to back, fine. However, you may find it easier to just take segments off starting from back to front. I vaguely recall this being an issue way back when I was reading here about it. Probably late fall of '05 or early winter of '06. One of the old timers here (don't remember who) mentioned to watch for this. I did exactly that during my install, and it worked out just right. The word "Corsa" just peeks out from my rear bumper. :D

08-19-08, 06:53 PM
pm me

08-19-08, 06:54 PM
i have corsa...i was just on 231 and 65 earlier today, staying in Valparaiso til friday, PM me if you need some help man